Swimsuit season is here.  Temperatures are rising, roses are blooming and summer treats are beckoning from the freezer isles of the grocery store.   Perhaps it is because I used to spend my summer's swimming endless laps for our local swim team or perhaps it was because I didn't particularly enjoy parading my cute, albeit chubby, thighs around the neighborhood each day starting at 7am.  Then again, my tendency to get horrible sunburns didn't help and then there were the trips to the Balaton and those topless women that left me permanently scarred.  Needless to say, I always resented swimsuit season.

BUT... If you're looking forward to it, I have found some tasty treats that, eaten one serving at a time as opposed to eating box, jar, bag or batch at a time ...  Mr. Two, stop laughing.  I was really hungry...  can be a delicious addition to the goal of being swimsuit ready.

I have also found some delicious treats that will be very unhelpful in this pursuit, unless becoming swimsuit ready involves some serious extra poundage. Here are my finds...

First row: Dark chocolate cups with mascerated strawberries and  fresh ricotta; fresh ricotta; the perfect spinach; Second Row: White Corn Tortilla Chips; Pear, Gouda and Spinach Calzone; Pizza with ricotta, olives, tomatoes and basil; Trader Joe's Frozen Mango Creams.Third row: Paninni with roasted veggies, goat cheese and pesto dressing; Dangerously Delivious Cherry Pie; Dark chocolate cups with blackbetty cream Caramel Waffle Cookies, Triscuits and Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies

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