As some of you may or may not know, today was Momo's birthday.  I wanted to write a post fitting of her majesty.  So I started a post, ripe with profundity.  But it seemed a little over ripe, so I started another.  This one was sweet.  But somehow, it seemed more trite than anything else.  Then came song number one, which was sappy.  Then song number two, which was also sappy.  Then song number three which sounded like a reject from Sesame Street.  So here I sit at 11 something pm, with my husband asking me to come to bed and still without anything of tremendous value to say.  But what I realize is that there is no song, no post, no poem and no picture that can encapsulate the appreciation, love and wonder I feel about what my mother does, how I feel about her and who she is.  Or maybe it's just writer's block.  But whatever it is, happiest of Birthdays Momo.  We love you.

Two and the Gang

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