Do you think Dr. P would let me keep him?

My time in Houston included a lot of work, but don't get me wrong, it was an amazing whirlwind of a week with a fair share of fun and learning packed in there too!

Here are pictures of some of the highlights:
One of my favorite conference sessions all week. Bossman with the Governors from two of the major states in my life. Gov. Kasich, representing Ohio--and therefore the Cleveland Clinic, and Gov. Hickenlooper from our home state of Colorado!
I found this fascinating. Only in Texas?
Catching our friends the uber-talented Y-brothers play a set with the unbeatable company of Miss Y and Astro Boy.
Buying my first pair of cowboy boots, and talking about Dad the whole time we were at it. 
Hooooooooooome, hoooome on the raaaaaange!

Not pictured:
-Hearing Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE and Obama Jobs Czar speak about the future of American industry in a globalized world. 
-Getting dinner with one of our Dad's old college buddies, and hearing stories about the good old days.
-The best oysters I've ever had. 
-And several emails from the Bossman calling me a "life-saver."