This Ralph Lauren blazer from the little boys section (which fits me perfectly!) set me back a whopping $7. 

Five and I like to think of ourselves as thrift store connoisseurs. So, when we went exploring Cleveland, our first stop was--naturally--Goodwill. I am happy to report that it did not disappoint! Everything with a yellow tag was 50% off (a much needed discount with those exorbitant Goodwill prices), and, I have to say, Clevelanders have style -- or at least they used to have style, before they donated all of their clothes to Goodwill. . .

The red-and-black-giant-stripey-clover thing at the top right . . . it's a pair of pants. They're hideously awesome....Yeah,
I think that the $1 price tag may have impaired my capability for rational thought.
So pretty--and half price!
A cumulative price of these shoes? $13.00.