I'm going to level with you. I have not been the picture of peace and calm these last weeks. In all candor, I've been a mess. So, two nights ago, I was walking home from work with a headache from my seemingly permanently furrowed brow when I had an idea. I needed a worry doll. For those of you unfamiliar with worry dolls, Guatemalan children used to whisper their troubles to these tiny talismans and then tuck the little confidant under their pillow before going to sleep. The dolls would then take on the woes and carry the burdens of the children, and when they woke the toy--and the troubles--would have vanished.

It sounded perfect. My only issue was, where in Georgetown would one buy a Guatemalan trinket?

I was still thinking about my worries and the doll I felt convinced would soothe them when I walked in my door 30 minutes later to find Dr. P waiting for me with a large package. The box contained my Christmas present--a beautiful hand-painted jewelry box, purchased from a wonderful fair-trade organization. But as much as I adore the gift, and as gorgeous as the chest is, the best part was in the wrapping. Because when I looked at the parcel, nestled in the bow, was little doll wearing a rainbow poncho, and for a moment, I forgot my worries.

P.S. I am also very grateful for Dr. P, who was so sweet to encourage me to come to Cleveland this week, even though it means missing his birthday tomorrow. Dr. P, I am too lucky. But I guess you already knew that.