"Did you see it!" Brother C shouted as he rushed up the stairs to Mimo's living room. It was two days after Christmas, and with Two and Momo in Cleveland our spirits were less than festive. He reached us breathless, and repeated his question, "Did you see it?! It was beautiful!" The rest of us, with our eyes fixed on a menagerie of electronic devices, had clearly missed the divine vision that had provoked our brothers agitation. I tried to summon the energy to pretend I cared, but all I managed was a weak "What... what are you talking about?"
"The rainbow!" He replied. "Quick! We can still catch it!"
We were all tired, and not in the mood to play. Z didn't have his shoes on, and it was raining outside. But sweet Brother C's eyes were twinkling, and there's something so gosh darn compelling about a grown man, with a very grownup job, bursting with guileless joy. So out we ran into the rain, to chase a rainbow.
And like most folks looking for pots of gold or what have you, we didn't find what were were looking for. The light had faded, and the bow with it. But in its place there was a beautiful sunset. And in our hearts there was a renewed gratitude for simple joys, like sunsets and rainbows, in a very complicated world.

Brother C is our family's original best-ever Christmas gift. Delivered 26 Christmas-eve's ago, he always manages to keep the holiday spirit, even when it means that his birthday comes and goes with little acknowledgement, let alone fanfare. Thanks big brother for once again helping us all keep things in perspective.