*other than the kitchen

We woke up Thanksgiving morning in a charming B+B in Moab, Utah, enjoyed our buckwheat pancakes, fresh berries and sausages, and went out to enjoy some scenery.

We toured through Arches National Park, hiked a bit, and helped Princess H get certified as a Junior Park Ranger. She got a badge.

Yes, the dogs came.

One of many photos "directed" by Princess H. She has very strong opinions about what makes a good picture; Usually Princess H in an odd pose.

I feel pretty confident that we didn't get a holiday card picture out of this trip...
Our plan was to stop somewhere for dinner on the way to Nanny and Grandpa's (who had plans to eat earlier in the day). But options ended up being pretty bleak.  We decided to press on to the Salt Lake suburbs, where we indulged in the offerings of a magical little French chalet, situated at the intersection of classy and kitch, where so many great holiday memories are made. Well worth the delayed gratification.

Another winning family picture.

The gardens around the restaurant were so charming. They reminded us of Keukenhof, with Christmas lights instead of tulips!
The rest of the weekend was lovely. We passed a few short days with Nanny and Grandpa, I saw exactly two friends, experienced my inaugural excursion to the lights at Temple Square, and scored a pair of $2 Ralph Lauren corduroys for Princess H at D.I. All in all, a really wonderful set of reminders of the things in my life for which I'm so profoundly grateful.