So, Three came up last weekend to Halloween pre-game with Four and me.

For us, that meant dorm-room dance parties, eating cheese with NarBan and Cuzzy S, and spending the entire weekend in one type of costume or another.

We were crayons on Saturday.

Robust Pepto-Bismol, Gorgonzola Mold Vein, and Radical Carrot
(One of these is an actual crayon color. All of them should be.)

We'd come in a classy five-pack and be distributed with high-end children's menus.
One would be Come Hither Purple, and Two would be Fever Yellow.

Kids wouldn't even notice that there wasn't any green.

Three said she couldn't stay for the rest of the semester because she has to "work" at her "job". That made us "glum". "I'm" going to "stop" with the "extraneous quotation marks" now"." We tried to rally our spirits though, and ended up as a Pink Slip and Libyan Freedom Fighter on the actual holiday.