*This week
Friends with whom I can be myself without editing or apology

Glorious afternoon walks

Brothers, in general

Z, in particular 

Inspirational strangers


(but that goes without saying...)

A good vet

That extra seat on the plane from Philly to Denver

Jet lag that makes me feel like a morning person

Every awesome bit of my children 

Colorado tap water (oh, delicious bliss!)

24-hour Christmas music playing inappropriately early, coinciding with and dramatically mitigating a Bad Mood Day

My handsome, hardworking, hilarious husband

The Denver Children's Museum

Neglected loved ones who love me anyway

Seeing Princess H sing (sort of) in church two consecutive Sundays with kids of dear friends from three decades

Happy memories in my parents' big white house


Good advice

Unimaginable abundance

Speaking of abundance -- check out this edible art created by one of my favorite people. It's seriously as big as Tiny... and nearly as delicious!