Momo, me and Auntie M when I came in an saw the chuppah

Love often comes with frustration.  But sometimes, there is a special person or two who you love and they love you and it is simple and lovely and perfect.  Usually because one side is working harder on the loving part.  I think that one of those people for me and a lot of my brothers and sisters is Auntie M.

Auntie M. was the first of three kids on my dad's side.  Uncle J and dad gave her quite a time growing up.  But she grew into one of those magical people who just makes others happy to be alive.  For each of our weddings, she has made the chuppah with love and care.

A few months back, she asked me what I wanted for mine.  I told her if Uncle J -- an amazing designer in his own right -- could cut down a few aspens from his beautiful, self-made home in Evergreen, Colorado and we could use that.

It seemed like a nice, simple idea.  The aspens would represent Dad.  But things are never as simple as they seem they will be.  The wedding wasn't in Colorado at all, so transportation of my aspens was going to be complicated.  But when Auntie M says she's going to do something, she makes magic happen.  It took a whole design team: Auntie M., Uncle J, Brothers C, L and Z, Grandma N, my mother in law and more.  From the fabric having my mother's name, to the trees my dad grew up running through and Mr. Two's grandfather's prayer shawl wrapped around us, I could not have imagined a more beautiful place than under that chuppah or a one that was filled with more love.

Dad's brother and sister, Uncle J and Auntie M
Trimming the trees
Putting the frame together
Brother C, getting his hands dirty

Squash from Brother L and lantern from my Mom In Law

The only thing as amazing as the chuppah were the flowers, ala Three, Four and Five.
So much love