They call me monster. 
I, who was once a sister, daughter, friend. 
Foul. Tainted. Terrifying-beast.

What would you give to live forever? Since the beginning of time, humans have longed for the key that unlocks the door to eternal life. And now, we have it. The process is not clean, easy, or aesthetically correct, but it works. You see us as brain-eaters, but what you fail to realize is that we are sharing our gift with the world. With you. We are saviors.

You scream in horror when your contaminated loved one turns on you, attacks you, kills you. When in fact, we are doing what we can to ensure that we will be together. Always.

You say infected.
We say evolved.

So- by way of clarification. I'm not a HUUUUUGE creep.  Last weekend Mama C (mother to my love Sweet C) participated in the Run For You Lives zombie race with us. Well, when I say with, I mean she ran, and we "stumbled." We had a bunch of fun doing it, even though we had to wake up at 4 am to get to the race site. In truth, I think our wake-up time really helped with the character development process...

Anyway, Happy Halloween! Stay safe this weekend, however you are celebrating!