I don't know if y'all read the news, but New York was the place to be last week.  What between  my boss appearing on the Colbert Report to talk about the book he wrote with a lot of help from Brother L , and Two's performance at Lincoln Center, the streets were PACKED--in the spirit of full disclosure, I think I heard something about a convention of some sort going on too.  And while it seemed very specialized (UNGeneral = specific?), I supposed some people might have turned up for that thing too.  

We had almost a complete TD delegation in town, and while the timing of our events was conflicting, in spirit they were at peace. So while Two and her crew went one way, Brother L and I had a blast at Colbert.  We poked around back stage, took pictures we weren't supposed to, and chatted with a couple of Colbert's 11 siblings. 

 Also, I must thank all those who encouraged me to wear this dress, it was a big hit with the big man! ( I believe his exact words were "And you wore a red, white, and blue dress? Boy, that's just too cute.)

Do you think he commissioned this, or did someone just paint it for him?
Brother L in the hot-seat!
Me in the hot-seat!
And Bossman in the hot-seat!!  To learn more about The Quest, take an energy quiz written by yours truly, and hear audio excerpts from the book check out the website at www.danielyergin.com