Dear Friends,

Please excuse One's terrible neglect of her much-beloved blog. She is experiencing technical difficulties. Probably of her own creation, but she humbly asks affected parties to consider her other redeeming qualities, (e.g., facility with obscure Hungarian idioms; ability to knot cherry stems using only her tongue; adorable children), before passing overly harsh judgement.

One sheepishly requests the indulgence of her sisters in life and blogging in granting the privilege to revise and extend this week's remarks at some point in the near future. In the meantime, she hopes the meager offering of a brunch menu from back in July that she never got around to sharing is a not-entirely-insulting consolation prize.


One (who is inexplicably speaking of herself in the third person; deal with it)

P.S. Scroll to the bottom of this article, to where is says "wrapping up" for a lovely summary of Two's triumphant performance in New York last week!


When not in Colorado, we usually spend Sundays gathered with some portion of the D.C. clan at Mimo's house.  It's one of my favorite unofficial traditions.

Here's a quick and easy menu we threw together earlier this Summer:

Niçoise-ish Salad
Roasted Potatoes
Yummy Olives
Flat Parsley
Blanched Haricots Verts
Italian Tuna
Vinaigrette (I use this when I'm too lazy to make it myself)
Black Pepper

Lazy Lemon Cake with Goaty Glaze
I was inspired by this confection, but in no mood to spend the time to duplicate it. Here is a quick cheater's version.  Please don't tell Four I've blasphemed her art in this manner....

Prepare one box white cake mix according to package directions, EXCEPT substitute fresh lemon juice for the water. Also, add whatever zest those several juiced lemons yield.

While it's baking, mix half a Costco-sized log (or one regular log) chèvre with a couple tablespoons each of milk and lemon juice and enough powdered sugar to be delicious. Mine ended up glazy, but I bet it would be equally delicious if you skipped the milk altogether and went for fluffy/creamy.

When the cake is more or less cool, pour the glaze over and top with fresh berries. Take a bubble bath (or fold two loads laundry) with all the time you saved not baking from scratch.

P.S.(again) - This article kind of blew my mind. I'm trying to reform and feel obliged to spread the word to other neurotically-committed double-spacers out there...