It was a looooooong weekend.  And not in a good way.  More like a sick-as-a-dog-with-stomach-flu kind of way.  Not pretty.  The good news is I managed to pass whatever vile bug I had to Mr. One (but NOT the babies!).  So -- joy of joys! -- there was no way he could possibly get on his flight out to Denver last night.  The Princess, Tiny and I enjoyed his pallid, sweaty, listless company all day!  And, by late afternoon, he was actually conscious enough to tag along on a glorious sunlit picnic in the shadow of the temple where my parents got hitched (even if we had to keep the sandwiches downwind so he couldn't smell them).  Lovely.

Also, this burning question has been haunting me lately:  When it comes to cleaning supplies, do we really need anything other than diaper wipes?  I mean, they're engineered to clean the world's nastiest substance off of the sweetest, most delicate surface imaginable.  Shouldn't that mean they can clean anything off of everything?  Am I missing something here...?