Last weekend, after finishing dozens of hand drawings (mostly Five) and hundreds of pages of reading (mostly me) we decided to reward ourselves with a little field trip into New Haven. When venturing off campus, one has to be careful. New Haven is, after all, a real--relatively--gritty city. Needless to say I don't think Five was too keen handing over navigation responsibilities to me. Our conversation on the subject went something like this:
Four: "Last year Two and I discovered a really cool vintage shop here in New Haven."
Five: "Uh huh"
Four: "I think you'd really like it. I don't really know where it is, but I think I might remember if we wander around a little bit..."
Five: "I'd rather stay inside these hallowed walls."
Four: "But I'm pretty sure I kind of know where it is. I'm pretty sure I know the vicinity which Two and I were in when we found it, so we should be alright."
Five: "Hmm..."
 Here's the thing, I have a terrible habit of giving very authoritative, absolutely bogus directions. I wish people didn't trust me to get them where they needed to go, but they do (usually because I really think I know!). But, I'm almost always wrong. Despite my appalling history, Five decided to allow our little adventure. After winding my way in and out of streets for the better part of an hour, Five suggested we return to the comfort of our dorms. I asked if we could try just one more street. I was positive that this street would lead us to our intended destination. Rather hesitantly, Five agreed. We rounded the corner and, for once in my life I was right! We had arrived at the darling little shop. Five refused to try anything on, but given the stupendous selection of fairytale ballgowns, 1920s flapper dresses, Jackie-O inspired frocks and pill box hats, I couldn't resist.

*Five would also like to note that she has an extremely steady hand. Due to the lighting and her abhorrence of flashes, a longer exposure was necessary for the above pictures. This is how the one that I tried to take turned out:

Epic fail.