We love having Husbandaddy all to ourselves on the weekend. The babes and I drag him to all our "greatest hits" destinations. Or we go exploring new things together.
Or we do laundry. 

One of our favorite outings in Denver is the Children's Museum. I used to play there as a kid, and volunteered in the (now defunct) Science Lab every week when I was a teenager.  So it was a special kind of thrill -- the "you're really freaking old" kind -- to come back with my own little family. I thought is was pretty awesome then, and am even more in love with it now.  Observe:
Writing the great American novel

One of many amazing contraptions in the Bubble Room

They have an entire shoe-free wonderland, just for crawlers and toddlers -- this boat used to be the Princess' favorite, and now Tiny loves it :-)

A well stocked art room? With full-coverage smocks? Where somebody else cleans up?!  HEAVEN!

So the "super market" looks like a Soviet-era grocer... 

Princess H is an excellent hoarder, so it works out


Color-coordinated seating

Did you notice the new skirt? Did I mention we're potty training? Around here, we don't have "mistakes;"
We have "wardrobe changes."