Recently, I've been seeing a lot of tutorials (meaning -- I looked up a lot of tutorials to give context to this post), and I thought 'Hey! I have a blog! I can show people how to do some of the cool things I do!' Then I thought about the cool things I do. It took awhile, because there are a lot of them. 

'How to Make One of the Many Pairs of Hospital Scrubs Which Randomly Appear in Your Room and You Occasionally Wear in Public into a Laundry Bag'

First things first, you've got to select the scrubs. This can be hard, so here are some guidelines:

No things that aren't scrubs. Why? Think of it this way -- Can you fit scrubs inside skinny jeans? No. Can you fit skinny jeans and also an entire load of laundry inside scrubs? Yes? How cool!

Now that we've gone over what not to do, lets look at a good choice for our scrubs-laundry bag.


Great job selecting an appropriate pair of scrubs! Here's where it gets hard.

Tying a knot in the bottom of the scrubs:

First, arrange the end of the left scrub pant leg by you hand (if you must, you can arrange the right end by your foot, but then you'll have to reach down in the next step)

Next, grip 2" of the end of the pant leg firmly in you hand

In a clockwise motion, loop the pant leg around itself (it sounds complicated, but it will get easier with practice). You should have about 7" in the loop.

Guide the end through the little hole you've created in the line of the pant leg

Re-grip 1" of the end, and pull tight

Repeat with the right pant leg (it will be easier this time).

Phew! Over with the tough part!!! Now all that's left is to fill them up!

Filling the pant-bag:

Simply take the rest of your laundry and shove it down each leg until the scrubs are stuffed like a whale at underwater-Bennigan's all-you-can-eat-krill night.

In addition to being stylish, this bag also makes carrying laundry a breeze. Simply position the pants' crotch on your shoulder (it should occasionally graze your ear).

*Once you get some practice, you can tie your scrubs right out of the dryer/off the line and stuff them then and there!