Yesterday afternoon our beloved Indonesian sister P kidnapped Five and me for a much needed break. (We had been packing for school all day and were both suffering from a severe case of cabin fever.) We went to a cute little bakery called "Happy Cakes", and after doing a complicated mathematical equation, we discovered that six cupcakes would satisfy the three of us. Lemon Raspberry, Chocolate Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon Drop, "Vegan" (which tasted like French Toast), and, of course, Buttercream Bacon (which--as avid vegetarians--we couldn't eat, but for some reason still wanted to buy...I'm not exactly sure what that says about us). Unfortunately we only made it through four of them, and, surprisingly, my favorite was the vegan one! It was so good.

On a slightly unrelated note (read: while I have your attention!): Any suggestions about what I should bring to school? So far I've been told: Halloween costumes