Last week, when our little family rolled back into town just a couple hours before Irene, I got a little irrational in my hurricane preparations. 

I ran to the store and made sure we had some candles, fresh water and food that we could store and prepare without electricity, which I suppose was rational enough.  Somehow I also got it into my head that it was essential to hard boil all the eggs in the house.  So I did.  Lucky for us, Irene was pretty kind to D.C.  The power company had warned that we might be in the dark for as long as a week, and a lot of people did lose power, but the lines in our neighborhood are underground, so we were spared even that inconvenience. 

We actually had a really nice weekend -- we stayed up late and watched a couple movies with Mimo (including Waiting for Superman, finally.  It made me cry and it made me really, really angry).  Then the babies slept with us in our big bed through the worst parts of the storm.  The next morning, a big(ish) tree right outside our window had snapped in half.  But everyone we love and everything we value came through unscathed.

But I had an awful lot of eggs to deal with....

The Princess has become a little obsessed with deviled eggs, so the problem was solved easily enough...
We whipped up these bad boys a little earlier this summer. 
The capers, tomato and roasted smoked salmon were a revelation

Other than the toppings, we just added enough mayo to get a nice texture, and a small spoon of Dijon mustard.
Now, more than a week later, the eggs are long gone.  But the tree is still sitting there.  I think it's the last tangible evidence in this whole city that we ever had a hurricane at all....