5. Tomatoes in all shapes, sizes, colors.  But the yumminess is consistent!

4. Local Oyster mushrooms.  SOOOO good in most anything but cereal and cakes.

3. Roots! Beets and Carrots this week.  (See next post for the most mind blowing beats ever, c/o Brother C!).  

2. SQUAsh!!! 

 Or maybe slightly Snarky Signs

Or maybe Flowers!

did I mention I am not very good at choosing?

But choosing my very favorite was easy.
I know without a doubt what my my top pick is...

1. The ONE (not One) & ONLY
*Please note TFMT is only for my choosing.  You may find your own TFM.  Just make sure he is not TFMT, or we will have some major words.  Thank you.