I have often said that birthday celebrations were invented to distract us from the pain and fear associated with aging.  We pull out the stops for what, one day that supposedly marks a turning point?  One digit changed? 

In the past, I would say that if any of my beloved sisters sympathised with this sentiment, it was Two.  Her 18th birthday was spent mourning her lost youth, and cursing July 22 for coming round so often.  But in recent years her opinion has changed, and with good reason. 

Two's life deserves celebrating, this past year deserves celebrating!  She has been one busy lady!  Between Speaking at TEDMED, jet-setting across the country, locking down her special man, and yes, some setbacks Two has remained the strong, grounded, positive (and often hilarious) woman we all love.

So here's to you Two!  Here's to your change of heart, and to realizing that maybe birthdays aren't as bad after all... maybe.

We love you.