First, I am sorry I have been so remiss in posting.  Sisters, family, friends, readers, I <3 you something fierce but with wedding planning, work, and my obsessive compulsive need to acquire a piece of real estate, something had to give.  But I have a break from work for a while and next time, I will complete some advance posts.

So work brought me to San Francisco, city of my mother's birth and many childhood memories.  Though I was here on business, I had all sort of wonderful plans for the people I was going to see and the things we were going to do together.  But Saturday, as I was driving to the airport, I was hit with a migraine and before I knew it, I'd -- err -- lost my breakfast all over the side of my beloved little hybrid.  It wasn't pretty.  Thankfully, Yoni got the airline to push my flight to the next day so I could vomit in peace for the rest of the afternoon at Chez Mimo.  Delightful.

But I finally arrived.  Most of my plans fell through.  Still, J. Scootus and Mrs. S made sure I wasn't only taken care of, but that I had some fun once all was said and done.  See, my wants are often much grander than my ability to fill them, and so it was with my trip.  So many plans, and so little time.  But when my performance was sung and done, Mrs. S took me for some needed sightseeing before I returned to the East Coast.

No matter how hard we try, Mrs. S. and I can't get a good picture together.

"Little houses on the hilltop, Little houses, made of ticky tacky..."

Another example of Mary and my photographic 

Sometimes, distance is good for photographic relationships:)