Behold the Sardine

If you haven't tried these little guys, I suggest you do.  They. Are. Delicious. I could eat them on practically anything.  Try them on toast, flaked into salad or pasta.  They make an excellent addition to tomato-based soups, and add a salty "ka-POW" to humble vegetable dishes.  After 15 years of adherring (heh heh) to a strict vegetarian diet, these guppies make me really glad I started eating fish.

But this is not about what I get from water-logged winners, it's what I have given back to my fishy-friends. And while on most days what I would point out is that I rarely indulge in them--and honestly, that's kind of adding insult to injury, "I only EAT you sometimes"--last Saturday I spent 20 minutes in their shoes (water?).  

With One and Two by my side, we the eaters, became the eaten. And while I think it's only fair to say we enjoyed being eaten more than fishies do, it was one wild ride.