Last Friday, Dr. P finished his third year of medical school. Now, I fully acknowledge that I have not suffered as a real med student suffers, but dog-gone-it being the lady friend of a med student for three years is no walk in the park either.  Every year it's bad, and every year the next one is supposed to better, and yet it just gets worse and worse.  It's like being adrift in a stormy sea with no land or smooth waters in sight.  Because as any med student will tell you, the only thing more terrifying than mean attendings/residents, is the thought of being a real doctor and having people's lives in your hands.  

But, for two weeks Dr. P (and I) have found a break in the storm.  The sun has come through and we're just... hanging out. Without studying. Or worrying about the lack of studying. It. Is. Awesome.

And so I think it was symbolic, that we spent part of this tiny slice of our lives adrift in the Annapolis port, without reason, without worries, and without wind.  

But we did have pretty sweet company, and a kick-a picnic if I do say so!



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Our Commander!

This is where we stow the bodies...