Unfortunately, for the first time in a long time, Mr. One has been sucked into a long-term client project far, far away.  This doth not please me.  But I really can't complain.  Of all the terrible places to which he could have been sucked, he's landed in Denver!  Jackpot, right?  The prospect of spending six months playing a week-day single parent and then periodically dragging the kids cross-country to see their overworked Daddy is *much* more appealing if it also includes lots of fresh mountain air, family, old friends, zero humidity, weekend roadtrips, real paletas and a genuine Rocky Mountain High.  We're taking off this week for an inaugural (relatively quick) visit.  Which makes me very happy. (Ironically, Mr. One is flying solo chez Momo, since everyone else is in Hungary!)  Alas, too many errands, not enough time, and, I fear, not nearly enough sleep, separate me from that quasi-final destination.  But I know it will be wonderful once we get there...  Wish us luck!!