It was a big week full of really important news, so you may have missed the bitterly disputed Parliamentary election in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. FYROM's adolescent democratic throwdown is notable for several reasons, including: raging street protests in Skopje by dissident ethnic Albanians; the historic allotment of several seats in Parliament to represent Macedonians living abroad, and; the terribly dashing and brilliant volunteer monitoring electoral legitimacy along the country's Greek border. 

Which brings me to my point.  When Mr. One is out of town, he seems to always take the functioning part of my brain with him.  I stop sleeping well and start doing crazy things like looking at real estate listings in the suburbs, telling the Princess that *maybe* she can keep a puppy, and ordering purple jeggings.  For our son. And now we can add to the list, completely forgetting about my Monday date with the blogosphere.  Sorry, team!

The good news is, Mr. One enjoyed his little junket keeping the world safe for democracy, and he's on a plane home right now.  Hopefully my brain makes it past the sniffer-dogs at Dulles....

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