No, nothing sleazy is going down at Five. Unbuttoning would be sleazy, debuttoning is funny -- it's a pun. . . like 'debut'. . . get it?! . . . It's funny!

Jet lag (hello, sunrise!) has been a great opportunity to do things that I've been meaning to do before; you know when you're like 'Oh, I should do this, but I'm too busy sleeping'. Well, that's how it's been with me for the last couple of years. I've decided to spend the time that I used to fill with useless rest with more productive things, like button making! No, not legit buttons (how would one make a legit button?) -- internet buttons! Thanks, Korean Standard Time! I'm sure this is very incoherent (though I can't really tell), and I apologize for that. How about a button?!

Please feel free to grab the button and put it everywhere you're willing. The HTML has a smaller image, which should fit comfortably in most sidebars, cupholders, etc. Two thought that maybe we should make the picture our header, but I made an executive decision that no one should be subjected to that kind of drawn-face action in any significant way. However, I think that it's quite digestible as a tiny button.

Yup. Works as a tiny button.