You may have noticed that my sisters and I have a weakness for destination grocery stores (like this one and this one).  Well, on the tail end of the One Family Road Trip, we made a pilgrimage to the place that got it all started, the Mother Ship, that grocery store to shame all other grocery stores, the shrine to all things that should be eaten (and a few that probably shouldn't but are anyway): Julius Meinl.  It sits on one side of Vienna's grand pedestrian thoroughfare, and when time is limited or tummies are growling, TD's have been known to walk right past Schonbrunn or the Opera in favor of Julius Meinl's cheese counter.

Doesn't it look elegant?

Hello, five zillion kinds of jam, sorted by color, flavor and country of origin.

Hello, organic French sodas.

These little fellows had a 6' twin perched on top of one of the mahogany-and-glass elevators.
Not tofu.

Yes. Please.

Fresh-picked marzipan.


Among all this splendor, the Princess became inconsolably attached to this
jar of honey mustard.

P.S.  I'm going to be running around all day and won't have a chance to pick a winner for our Hungarian giveaway until this evening -- so you still have a chance to enter!