The kids and I are having the most marvelous time in Hungary.  Here are a few shots from our day trip to Sentendre, a criminally charming town just up the Danube. 

Three Princesses

After exploring the town square and taking in some amazing views of the Danube flanked by countless gingerbread churches, we went in search of the Hungarian national treasure which is lángos (a.k.a. garlicky, fried, sour yeast dough).  We crept back through a walkway which was so narrow, two people couldn't pass without turning sideways and getting to know each other... really well.  I think it's a subtle way of reminding potential customers of the magnitude of their own girth before they make a commitment to so many empty calories.  But we were not deterred.  Finally, we tumbled into a tiny, terribly adorable, courtyard where they have what Jutka swears is the best lángos in the country.  And if Jutka says it, it must be true.

Princess H called it a "Giant Cheese Doughnut." Which is really quite accurate.  I prefer mine straight up, with lots of garlic...
Tiny has blossomed into the only truly bilingual member of the family, meaning he speaks Hungarian as well as he does English.  Which is not very well.  One phrase he has mastered and which he uses with great aplomb is "adod ide!"  which means "give it to me!"  After one bite of the pungent fried awesome which is lángos, he hollered this so loundly and with such clarity, the whole crowded courtyard full of hungry Hungarians burst out laughing.  It was a choice moment.

You can't really tell, but he is resplendently happy.  Or maybe this is his Food Coma Face.

And then there was fagyi...
After a delightful stroll through the cobbled streets, we stumbled upon a little afternoon festival, complete with csárdas-tooting band, which thrilled Tiny almost as much as lunch.  A nice man used his pocket knife to cut a balloon for the Princess from the bunches decorating the square (which I'm sure he wasn't really supposed to do), which made her joy truly complete.

Hajra for a perfect day!

And Mr. One gets here in less than 48 hours!!  Yipee!!!!!