April Fools! I got you good!!!

On this blog, we have no shortage of  Princess H and Tiny stories. However, they are not the only little people in the TD clan. Brother T and Mrs. T have an adorable brood of brilliant boys, and I've been able to spend a lot of time with them over the past few days (partly because of Princess H and Tiny's absence). I've been able to re-appreciate what a flock of handsome little geniuses they are. They make me self-conscious about my 1/3/5 year old self.

The Professor, who has graciously tutored his brothers in all things
dinosaur. Instead of playing 'cat and mouse' with these kids, we
play 'ptychodii and mollusk'. I'm always the mollusk.

Tompkins, who -- following a discussion about Moses -- pinpointed the
Red Sea on a legit world map within four seconds, and then corrected
the geography of an educational children's cartoon (he was right, too).

Georgie -- can you say DREAMY?! I have a total baby crush on him.