I know that some people have horrible in-laws, and I don't mean to brag, but we totally lucked out in this family.  We love our sisters in law.  They are wonderful friends and beautiful people, inside and out.  This is in NO way to minimize them.

But we really hit the jackpot with our brother in law.  If we loved him anymore, it would be indecent.  And though it's always hard to let a sister go, there is no one who we would have wanted brought into our family more than him... though I could give up the doggies :)

So here is a poem for Mr. One, who's more like a brother than an in law.

Urban farmer,
Doggie charmer
That is Mr. One.

Crunches digits
Fixes widgets
for us and Mrs. One

 Smart and funny
Mostly sunny
A first rate citizen.

Does our taxes
Sends our faxes
I told you he's a gem

Can build houses
Rarely grouses
Helps with all he can

We are grateful
It was fateful
Our sis married this man!

Happy Birthday Mr. One!

  With love, all of the TD's