On Tuesday, Mr. One had a birthday! Now, the thought of Mr. One celebrating without his wonderful little family made me pretty sad, so--late Monday night--I started to bake him a birthday treat. This project proved to be  a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. 

Problem no. 1: We didn't have loads of ingredients for baking. By the time I started baking, our usual grocery store was closed and--even though I love Mr. One--there was no way I was venturing out to the aptly deemed "un"-Safeway. 

So, I had to make due with what we had.

Problem no. 2: As I started to bake, I realized why--when I'm in DC--I usually bake at One's house. I do this not just because I like to bask in her delightful presence, but also because I like to take advantage of her super snazzy kitchen. Well, let's just say the kitchen I was working in was less well equipped...I didn't even have a rolling pin--let alone cookie cutters! . . . or cookie sheets. 

Despite these setbacks, the spirit of birthday prevailed. I was somehow able to create a batch of cookies that conveyed an appropriate sentiment--and tasted pretty good too!  

Though I overslept and, hence, the cookies almost didn't get delivered, always remember that where there is a birthday, there is a way!