If you want some mean, green food, I think some of the greatest success won't be found in Ireland (though I hear the potatoes are great) but south of the border in Mexico.  Here is one of my favorite dips for any time.  It's inspired by something I had at the Frontera Grill in Chicago (Rick Bayless' restaurant).  I think it would be kind of funny and ironic to have a Mexican themed St. Patrick's day, where you eat chili rellenos, green chili smothered burritos, salsa verde, guacamole and other green Mexican dishes.  So maybe I am the only person who thought that was funny... Oh well...

2 medium, ripe avacados
1 champagne mango
1 jalapeno
about 20 springs of cilantro 
1/2 red onion
3 limes
zest of 1 lime
a little salt 

Place the yummy mush inside of the avocado in a medium sized bowl.  Slice mango into thin strips, about an 8th inch wide and half an inch long. Dice onion, pepper and cilantro.  Add.  Zest lime into bowl.  Squeeze in lime juice.

It's like animation... but different.

Mush it together.  If you want, add some salt but only a pinch. Eat fast because when I made it, by the time I got back from washing my hands it was gone!!