Dr. P and I are currently kitty-sitting for the lovely Ms. Teabelly while she gallivants around Budapest with One and the babies. I had originally planned to blog about the yummy things I've been cooking in Teabelly's lovely kitchen (Irish strata, homemade Chinese food, and whole wheat pasta with butternut squash pesto to name a few), but the kitties ambushed me in hopes of reaching their mother. Their message follows.

To tuh Momz
translated by Three*

We are getten to tuh newz soon, but first emotion gottuh flow... YOU LEFF US?!?!!! One moment we'z snugglin on tuh couch, Den, *poof* momz gone (normal), and den, stay gone (NOT NORMALLL!!!!). This is not ok.


But, we glad you send Ant Tree and Tuh Boy-thing to serve us. dey'z ok at snugglz and feed time. Also. Dey iz guud at gamez. Lola and Ant Tree played reeeel long game of tuh hiderz and lookerz. This wuz guud joke, cuz Ant Tree iz not knowing wut a guud hider Lola makes. So Lola gets to be hidin, and hidin, and hidin, and Tree keeps lookin! But. Finally Lola looz, cuz Ant Tree find hur in tuh basement. Now, Ant Tree iz sore loozer and sayz "tuh basement iz off limits!"

Coco iz thinkin Tuh Boy-thing iz reel cute, but not so smart. He be uzin tuh tappy-puter-heater all wrong. He just sit an tappin all day! So, Coco haz tu show him tappy-puter-heater iz fur tuh katz sittin on, and den tuh peplez looks at tuh kitteh. This iz purfekt for warmin tuh kitteh, and makes guud view fur tuh Boy-thing to be admirin Coco. But, Tuh Boy-thing moovz Coco and keeps on tap-tap-tappin on tuh puter-heater. Coco ain't givin up on stoopid-cute tho, she keep teachin.

Now we gotz tu go tho, cuz iz time fur game of hair bandz chase.

K Thx Bai.
Coco & Lola

* Original manuscript:

lfewDIJE, I1493Q[4J C[9QIARJEFOCI;;;;MZVZMOI; jjegr9 fizdk;p 3w0 itg'fksoooooooooooooodz0i gres;fmv.ikrmegdf9c34i qaewijimj,fcvxjnrgeofcm; mithsgifv twrij;io htwrijmtrw 9q30 i]kgmvjbhwgnkp

Mom! I wantz tuh boy-thing!