Here is one of my favorite snacks.  It is made with sushi rice, inari wrappers (dried tofu, soaked in this wonderful sweet, savory mixture of yum.), nori (roasted seaweed -- for this one, I used strips that you can probably get at the same asian market as the inari for 2 to 4 bucks for a few hundred.  Great snacks too!)  Inari wraps are Japanese, but can usually be found at Korean or general Asian markets.  A package with forty cost me about $8.

8 Inari wrappers (they should be rectangular, and open like a pita cut in half)
about 2 cups of cooked white or brown sushi rice
1 tbsp rice vinegar
1 pinch sugar*
1 pinch salt*
8 nori strips

Mix vinegar, sugar and salt together.  Let stand until sugar and salt dissolve.  Next, add seasoned vinegar to white or brown sushi rice.  Mix well in a slashing motion, trying to avoid smashing the rice or cutting up the grains.  Next, pick up an inari wrapper, and gently open the opening.  Start stuffing rice, until the corners are filled and the wrapper is stuffed, but not over flowing with rice.  The wrapper should be a little bit elastic.  Pull the wrapper back enough that you can put a fourth of the inari strip next to the wall of rice.  Repeat on other side of wrapper.  It should look like you have a little inari basket at the end.  Makes about 4 servings.  Just to warn you, I could eat all 8 myself so you might want to make a few extras!.  

*If you're using seasoned rice vinegar, no need to make the vinegar dilution.  The vinegar already has salt and sugar added to it.