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Whoever is praying for snow, please stop. on Twitpic

There has been no shortage of the stuff here and New Yorkers are totally sick of it.  It’s cold.  It’s wet. It's icy.  Within a few hours or days, it turns black and muckie.  Unless it’s Christmas Eve, snow is something New Yorkers are happy to forgo.
This is why I will never really be a New Yorker.  
New York got heaps of snow -- 19 inches in 24 hours and about a foot in the days before.  Other than the occasional cab or hired car, New York seemed empty.  Covered in white, it was like what heaven would look like it if was set in New York City.  There hasn't been a day yet where I have been such a happy semi-New Yorker.  

So here’s to snow and my TOP FIVE for Snow in the City!

5. There is a good chance school/work/life will be cancelled so you can get some much needed rest or home bound work done.

4. Kids sliding down the steps of the Metropolitain Museum of Art and sleds being pulled up Central Park West.  Kids rule this town when there is a blizzard.

3. The hills on every street turn out to be parked cars

What a lovely little hill -- I mean tuck.
2.  Snow turns NYC into a small town.  People stop and say hello, ask where you're from -- If you look happy, you've obviously never seen snow before --  inquire why you’re out and offer tips for avoiding the soggiest street gutters when you cross.

If there is any doubt that I am
happy about the snow, this should dispel it.
And the number 1 reason for SNOW in the City is...

I just love a good snow storm.
It feels right.  And to enjoy it with people who feel I care about? 
The best.  

Y man, Two and KTL at the Cloisters in Inwood

So maybe I’ll hold off on praying for snow -- at least for New York -- but I won’t be the least bit sad about it when it comes my way!!!

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