The space was actually our living room in Denver (where I"ll be hanging until my medical stuff gets sorted out) but we DID have a real, live ASTRONAUT c/o Four. Actually, he's not an astronaut yet, but he's got a pretty good chance of it -- at least one in a hundred, which is a million times better than one in a hundred million, like the rest of us.

Luckily, the ASTRONAUT didn't have to rely on his space skills to enjoy an out of this world brunch, created by Four and Brother S (whose chosen nick name, while apt, might seem inappropriate in this context, so we'll just call him Brother S).

So Brother S made two ENORMOUS loaves of challah -- probably four pounds each. Four proceeded to stuff them with all kinds of delights, coat them in eggs and cook them to perfection.  Our stuffed french toast was accompanied by the fluffiest of whipped creams: the first whipping wasn't adequate, so Four went back to whip them 'til it behaved.  (If we're lucky, four might share the recipe on Thursday!)

Finally, Brothers Z and S brueled grapefruit which I didn't eat, but had rave reviews by all diners present.

The total of these parts was an other worldly experience of pure, culinary pleasure.