Last summer, the fam spent a week in Duck, NC. As some of you may know, relaxing isn't really our family's thing (I seem to recall a group of us becoming senseless with lethargy when we were shipped off to Hawaii for a an antidote to our boredom we drove the winding Road to Hana at break neck speeds almost everyday). Well, to combat the leisure that enveloped the house on Duck, I decided to turn Five into an awesome boy band. The transformation must have been successful because my grandmother, Mimo, told me on several occasions after the makeover that I "vuld mayke a vereee handsum Hungarian peasant boye." Furthermore, Brother Z said we looked like ZZ Top, so I think we have it made!
I feared proof of Five's tenure as rockin' dreamboats was lost forever, so when I found these treasures, I had to share. 
Aren't we cool? Wouldn't you want to date us? Don't you want to hang a poster of our mustache trimmed mugs over your bed?
I do.