A few months ago my friend Flo Anito asked if Four, Five and I would be extras in the music video for her song "Uh Oh!". I loved the idea of being in the video with my sisters, especially one for Flo. You see, I view Flo the way I'm sure many people view me, as one of a set of sisters. I was introduced to the Sisters Anito freshman year by the Darling Miss M Anito. Miss M, has always been happy to act as a sister in residence when I am away from my lovies, so it was a real joy to return the favor.

Five and I were employed as extras, and Four was charged with the vital role of "Body Double". Being an extra was long, hot, sweaty work, and we were pretty pooped after the few hours we spent on set at the Capital City Diner (I can only imagine how Flo and her director Francisco Campos-Lopez felt after their 12 hours of filming). While we came away with some pretty awesome pictures, and Flo got a really awesome music video, I'll think twice before I say yes if I'm ever asked to be an extra again... unless it's a zombie movie. I would definitely say yes to being a zombie.