About a month ago, I happened across instructions for making a no sew suede skirt. The instructions boasted "If you can sew a button, you can make this skirt". What can I say? I was in. 
 With Five's invaluable aid, I bought the material and notions (a solitary button), traced my template, and cut! 
Unfortunately the material wasn't the same color on both sides (my bad!), so I did have to do a little more sewing than I had anticipated. But you shouldn't have that problem if you buy the right kind of suede.
Don't irritate Five when she's holding sharp objects.
I love the scalloped edges!
 The result wasn't perfect, but Five and I were very pleased with the it. Momo--who was the recipient of our craft--seems to like it too. I had hoped to get a picture with Momo wearing the skirt, but she had already left to Cleveland and taken it with her! That's a good sign, right?