We are all excited and forward-looking, but before we close the books on 2010, Princess H and Tiny wanted to share a couple highlights from the year past. Because when you haven't been around very long, a year is a really big deal!

Princess H's Top 5 for 2010

1. Learning to walk, run, jump AND dance! Her first ballet class started today -- hard to believe that just a year ago she was a quadruped!!

2. Skype/video chat. If you haven't chatted with the Princess, and you want to, message me. Seriously.

3. Talking. All the time.

4. Having a little brother! Yes, it took her a while to warm up to the kid, but there is no question that Tiny has become her Favorite Thing in the entire world. It warms my heart.

5. Bunking up at Camp Mimo. Living with Mimo and assorted other familial housemates isn't just the highlight of the Princess' year. I'm pretty sure it's the highlight of her LIFE. She has her chubby little fingers crossed that our house remains in a state of perpetual renovation and we stay here forever.

Tiny's Top 5 (ever)

1. Being born. Obvi.

2. Boobs. Mostly mine, but he'll grab any that are handy.

3. His own feet. He loves them, but only for entertainment.

4. Visiting family in Utah and Colorado, and being incredibly charming to pretty much everyone, everywhere.

5. His big sister. It was a toss-up between Princess H and yogurt, but the Princess won out in the end. Because she is awesome.

All this excitement left the kids quite worn out.

They are celebrating the New Year by falling asleep in unusual places.