To be honest, I've never understood how people can completely obsess over celebrities. You know the video with the three year old crying about Justin Beiber? Yeah, that just creeps me out.
Unlike that little girl, I work to maintain a limited relationship with pop culture. I try to cultivate enough knowledge about music, etc. that my peers don't write me off as completely culturally illiterate, but no more.
Well, I hate to admit it, but if European pop counts, I'm afraid I must relinquish my title as 'Pop Prude Extaordinaire'. It's true. After watching THIS video of Norwegian pop sensation Alexander Rybak, I think I can safely say I've fallen. Hard. Now I'm one of those girls. You know, the ones who are hopelessly in love with that random Belorussian singer.

I love his manic enthusiasm.
I love how he looks like he adores performing.
I love how he's a dorky dancer--and doesn't try to look cool.
His lyrics are asinine, at points he looks completely insane, and he wears those horrid little vests--which I usually detest. But not on him. On him I don't care. I may even find them a teensy bit endearing!

And isn't that what love is really about?
P.S. the embedding on this video isn't working right now. You'll have to click on the link in order to enjoy the delightsome "OAH".