You probably think this picture is just a banal, unflattering, and perhaps ill advised picture of my thighs. Or perhaps it is a pitiful attempt to capture the (super cute) shoes One gave me for Christmas. Truth be told, to you and a host of other people (Four included), that's all it is, but to me, this picture is a symbol. You see, this picture features my own personal legs wearing jeans in my office. Ahhh... Such are the joys of working during the holidays.

For years Mr. One would shock me as he would snub Black Friday deals, and Boxing Day bloating, for time at the office. But, now that I am a proud working woman, I totally get where he was coming from. I don't care if this makes me sound lame, this week in the office has been awesome.

So, by way of explanation here is my TOP FIVE list of reasons why
working during the holidays
1. It lets you save your vacation days for a time when you really need one.
2. (a) You can play your music loud and proud! no one else can hear it!
2. (b) Use those tunes when you need to take a stretch, and dance around the office.
3. All that work that's been piling up? Done.
4. You'll be on top of your junk, while your coworkers are scrambling to get caught up. (heh heh)
5. In return for all this? You get kudos from the boss for being a trooper.
See? Not so lame after all. Right?...Right?? :-)