I usually have at least a couple ongoing Quests -- things I need to accomplish that are a) really important, b) inexplicably, soul-crushingly, challenging. These days, two of my Biggies include losing baby weight and getting a relaxing shower. (For the record, I do shower regularly, but the relaxing part is the stinker. Because, let's face it, if it's soul-crushingly challenging to have a relaxing shower, it's probably not going to be that relaxing. Right?)

So when Mimo offered decadent-looking baked goods, a little light went on and I realized I could use them to further not one but TWO of my eternally-pending goals. I promptly handed the buttery roll to my toddler and cued up a Netflix, thus avoiding said decadence while simultaneously gaining enough time to deep condition AND exfoliate before complete bedlam descended on home and family. *Heaven.*

It worked like a charm. And it was only after I emerged -- clean and remarkably relaxed! -- that I saw Mimo's takeout bag and took a closer look at the Christmas cartoon I'd unwittingly selected. The sweet Princess was watching this and eating this. Yes, friends, nothing says Happy Holidays like barefooted orphans and truffle buns. Oy.