Princess H came into our room this evening with a green ramkin full of Two's deliciously irresistible homemade caramel corn. Were I in possession of such a delectable and diminutively-sized treat, I don't think it would have survived the short walk from kitchen to bedroom. But the Princess carried her treasure carefully, sat down in the middle of the floor and announced, "I need to say a prayer for my popcorn." She promptly launched into the sweetest, most heartfelt little blessing. It was the first time in her life that she said a prayer without any help or prompting, and I never want to forget the perfect simplicity of her suplication on behalf of "all the popcorns and all the foods we eat together. And Tiny." Naturally, after the amens, she couldn't help but give herself a big round of applause. And natually, we couldn't help but join in.
Earlier today, the kids and I were in a little fender-bender. A lady backed into the side of our car going way faster than anyone ought, (at least while driving backwards!). Between actual time spent sorting out insurance, and the subsequent hours lost to my somewhat frazzled nerves (this was, afterall, my very first accident!), I accomplished nothing today. But looking at my two safe, healthy, cherubic babies, who are totally fine and were sleeping peacefully before I was off the phone with the geico lady, I can't help but think this was a truly wonderful day.