'Tis the season for giving, and this holiday simply would not be complete without a shout out to our dear friends and loyal readers. Thank you for making our inaugural foray into the blogosphere so fun and rewarding. Thank you for visiting our little blog and making us feel so loved! We wish we could give something magical, or beautiful, or at the very least delicious to each of you. But we're not quite as insane as we sometimes appear to be, so we're going to simplify, just a little. That's right, friends -- it's the first ever FIVE GIVEAWAY!!!!

To enter, simply click the icon on the right of this page that says "FOLLOW" and leave a comment at the bottom of this post any time before midnight on December 24. Then, we will ask Santa, or a computerized random number generator -- you know, whichever is easier to find -- to select one lucky winner. Said winner will receive a MIND-BLOWING collection of our Top 5 Treats for the New Year, each of which will be revealed in the coming days. So comment! Comment NAUGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***The giveaway is open to EVERYONE who comments on this post and follows the blog. No other qualifications are necessary. Honestly, we are excited to send you free stuff, whoever you may be.***