A few weeks ago, I made an exciting new discovery: An online makeover machine. . . that doesn't suck. This may shock you; you may be thinking to yourself -- wait, how is that even possible? Whenever I try one of those things it looks like my face was a kindergarten art project! But I am here today to tell you that it exists, and that it is good.

The programmers over at Taaz must know their stuff pretty darn well, because this thing is sweet. From trying on different dos to testing out a new look for a holiday party to seeing what that one baby would look like with hair, its uses are manifold.
Did I mention seeing what your brothers would look like as chicks? Because that's an awesome use too.

 As a reward for its multi-functionality and wicked coolness, I am bestowing Taaz with these four gold star stickers (see below)

Maybe it can put them on its binder or something.