I really love glasses. The roots of this ardor are difficult to trace (ok, maybe not that difficult -- I once had to use a tiny suction cup to remove a pair of hard contacts from my eyes. Not cool). However, even if the origins of my devotion are traumatic, it has morphed into an honest preference for spectacles. I've even got my very own not-wearing-glasses-induced tick! Aaaaanyway, for Christmas, Three gave me a super-freaking-duper gift. A $95 gift certificate to Warby Parker, an online glasses boutique. Not only is that enough to buy one very complete pair of very classy glasses,* it also finances a pair for a far-sighted friend in need. Could it get any better? Yes! The online boutique sends FIVE pairs of try-on glasses to your house, gratis! They even send a prepaid return shipping label. Needless to say, I'm a fan.

I got my try-on package today, and I'd love your input on which pair is the best. Hit the jump for the contestants.

*for any non-glasses wearing readers, this is a big deal. 

The options are:

The Japhy

The Huxley

The Roosevelt

The Fillmore

The Miles