We TD's are still recovering from the gustatory splendors of last week. Thanksgiving was a spectacularicious celebration of family, friendship and the plenty of our lives together. Ten siblings, my princely Mr. One, our plump and juicy children, dear friends, various dogs and cats... The food was mind-blowing, the conversation was glittering, the chaos was all-encompassing. It was glorious.

As I looked around the delicious mayhem that filled my (very brave!) friend's home, I was seized with a Gratitudinous Spasm. (I'm pretty sure that really is a medical condition.) I couldn’t help but remember last year, when most of the family gathered in a hospital room with Two, who couldn’t talk or even breathe unassisted. Our whole familial world was suspended in a place too tense and frightening to revisit. Even in a blog.

It is truly unbelievable to me how much our lives have changed over the past few years. I am so thankful for the hope, faith, tenacity and optimism that surrounds me in my family. I am grateful for the joy that it creates, and the magic that fills our happy times together.

And now, I am grateful for Christmas. And that we found The Muppet Christmas Carol (a.k.a. The Greatest Movie of All Time) OnDemand last night.

P.S. I know there will be future posts dedicated to some of the amazing deliciousness we enjoyed for our Thanksgiving feast. I played a very minor role in food-creation this year, but I did make cornbread stuffing and procured a perfect pecan pie. Both were, A) delicious, and, B) completely stress- and drama-free. I call that a Thanksgiving Win.

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