Whenever I shove a milk-sopped one into my mouth, I know that God still loves me. So when I saw a recipe for Oreo-cheesecake cupcakes, I knew that there was something incredibly right about it. But something stank in Denmark. Cheesecake is like an angel's hair-gel -- fluffy and delicious, but disintegrates when dunked repeatedly into a glass of milk. And Oreos without milk is preposterous. Just preposterous.

Anyhoo, utilizing every single ounce of my problem-solving abilities, I was able to formulate a super complicated, chemistry-ee composition which withstands absolutely any amount of milk-dipping, dunking, or drowning (to a point), while remaining moist and delicious without a post-oven liquid aid. The recipe is complex, but perhaps, after much failure and disappointment, you too will be able to savor a baked good with Oreos integrated into its crumb.

I give to you -


Put Oreos in the bottom of muffin cups; fill those same muffin cups with brownie batter; bake at 350F for about 30 minutes; cool; dunk; marvel.